Monday, May 25, 2009

Restless Musings.

I sit and wait,  nibbling away at my fingers

I listen to someone’s young-yet-aged, sorrowful melody

To something someone once sang a thousand miles away

He sings my thoughts, my fears, my heart


I sit here, tapping my feet

I stand, pacing the floor

What else can I do?

Oh, God, oh, God, oh God!

I tell myself everything’s alright

But is it really?

According to whom?


My heart trembles and whimpers within me

I try to hush it

But my words are not convincing

My fingers dance restlessly

As if even they are aware of something I’m not


Lord God, take this heart

Lord God be in sight!

Lord God don’t leave my side

Know when it is I need You most

Pull me into Your arms

Let me cry and question

Let me weep until my spirit’s dry

Let me sleep in Your arms

And when I awake

Just tell me that You love me

Just say that the worst has passed

And tell me that from here it’s only up


My mind speaks nonsense

Or is it truth?

All I know is that it hurts

And I want it to stop

I would much rather have

Suffering with known purpose

Than this anguish with no reason at all


My spirit’s weak with worry

My young bones brittle with distress

But I know that before long

You will show me what You’d planned

You will display Your perfection in my life

Like You have

Time, and time again