Saturday, January 23, 2010

The Vision

Limbs go numb
My soul drapes over
Folding, crumbling
And thirsty for respite

Lungs are shrinking
No longer screaming
Everyone's tired
We're just glad it'll soon be done with
We're just glad we'll soon be gone

But not you
Oh, no, not you
Don't dare you say it's over, you say
Don't dare you say you're done
Only God in heaven knows
Only our sweet Savior knows what's to be done
He's chosen to confide in me, though
A bit of His great plan
I saw a vision, you tell me
A vision not of me, of we

I was sitting beside you, you say
Under the shade of an old tree
Your eyes were far away
My eyes were on you

I listened to your heart
Weeping, screaming, so distraught
I reached for you, I took your hand
In my heart I wept for you
And as I did, you drew closer to me
Your head rested on my chest
And I whispered that we would be okay
But my voice was not my own

Suddenly aware of a third presence,
I looked behind my shoulder
Our Savior stood behind me
His arms wrapped around me
Reaching out to close you in as well

And then I knew
My tears were of joy and not of sorrow
Our God was there to love us
To help me love you
To help you be loved
To help you love me
To help me be loved

And then my Savior's voice,
"This is why I died."

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RM Rook said...

Aww, I love this Ana :) Really, beautiful! You're such an amazing writer!